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How to Plan and Deliver Wedding Talks and Toasts People With Enjoy and Remember

How to Plan and Deliver Wedding Talks and Toasts People With Enjoy and Remember

How to Plan and Deliver Wedding Talks and Toasts People With Enjoy and Remember
By Mike Moore

You are probably asking yourself what motivated a professional speaker to write a report on speaking tips and toasts at wedding receptions. I guess it is the result of attending receptions that I felt could use a bit of help in this department.

Wedding receptions are a wonderful part of our lives. They allow us to come together to meet friends and celebrate new beginnings with their families. When I was younger it was the weddings of close friends that we attended. Now we are going to the weddings of our friends' children. The great circle of life continues. For the most part they are enjoyable experiences, but the receptions are frequently experiences of frustration and a little tension.

I am sure that you, like me, have sat through receptions that made you say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The speeches went on forever and were often painful to listen to.

With this in mind I offer you my suggestions to help improve the quality of the talks and the toasts at you wedding.

Speech Preparation Outline

1. Think about the objective of your speech (What do you want to accomplish?) Do you want to thank them, praise them, welcome the bride or groom into the family? You must establish this before you continue.

2. List the 3 or 4 key points you want to get across. Don't list too many. You don't have all night.

3. List one or two well-chosen stories to illustrate your key points. Practice the stories so you can tell them well and effectively without relying too heavily on your notes.

How to Deliver a Dynamite Speech

* Prepare your speech thoroughly and practice before you deliver it.

* Always look at the audience when speaking. Don't look down at your notes.

* Don't read your talk. Give it. You can use cards with key points and story clues to assist you.

* Speak clearly. Don't mumble.

* Act as if you were born to deliver this speech. Remember the "Act as If" principle. If you act the way you want to be you will become the way you act. So if you act confidently when speaking you will become confident.

* Smile. Look as if you are really enjoying yourself and that delivering this speech is not only an honor but a pleasure as well.

* Use proper grammar. Have someone go over your speech with you beforehand. There is nothing worse than hearing someone giving a speech and using something like "Billy and me didn't do nothing... "

* Be yourself, of course, but be your best self.

* Avoid sarcastic humor in your speech. You are not there to hurt or insult others.

* Affirm and compliment the bride and groom throughout your talk.

* Avoid getting laughs by telling those present how much you and the groom can drink or how often you have seen one another throw up after a night of partying.

I promise that if you follow these few simple tips your speech/toast will touch the hearts of those present and will remembered with fondness for a long time.

This is a brief excerpt from my Special Report "Wedding Talks and Toasts." In it you will find you will find terrific tips pertaining to the role of Master/ Mistress of Ceremonies, how to select an MC, and how to deliver a dynamite speech//toast. I also offer suggestions on how to put humor into your speech that makes people laugh but doesn't offend and how to propose terrific toasts. Specific examples are also provided for your use.

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