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Bridesmaid for Hire

Bridesmaid for Hire

Bridesmaid for Hire
By Connie H Deutsch

Most little girls, when thinking about their wedding someday, way into the future, dream about being the bride, not the bridesmaid. But one young woman loves weddings so much that she became a professional bridesmaid.

It seems like such a peculiar career, first, to conceptualize it, and then, to make it into a business, but a woman in her mid to late twenties did that very thing. She said that she loves weddings so much that she now does this professionally. She offers her services as a bridesmaid-for-hire to strangers for a fee.

I don't know what she does about bridesmaid dresses if the regular bridesmaid doesn't show up but I'll assume the panic-stricken bride is so grateful to have someone act as her bridesmaid at the last minute, that she doesn't go into a tailspin if her hired bridesmaid brings her own gown and it doesn't match the others.

Some businesses are neatly laid out but the bridesmaid business is not one of them. There are no schools to teach women the ropes for how to be a good bridesmaid like there are schools to teach women how to be a good nanny. It's definitely a seat of your pants learning experience. I can't even say it's on the job training because each wedding is different and you're dealing with different requirements for each job.

For some weddings, she has to take on so many duties that it could really qualify for being a wedding planner. For others, it's writing speeches for some of the people in the wedding party or getting the guests up to dance. She also has to take on the personal tasks that would ordinarily fall to a friend or family member like helping her lift her heavy gown to go to the bathroom.

The jobs are varied and no two weddings are the same. Sometimes you're dealing with guests who can't get along with each other; sometimes you're dealing with inefficient caterers or waitstaff.

No bridesmaid knows, in advance, what her role is going to be. She might think that all she has to do is perform simple tasks like dancing with the best man or getting the bridesmaids to dance with the groomsmen, or being on hand for the cutting of the cake or helping the bride out of her gown and getting her into her going away outfit.

She doesn't say whether she's ever wanted to be a bride, or if she was ever married, only that she loves going to weddings. Now, if she could marry a divorce attorney, they would really have a thriving business. Of course, she would get the best part, seeing them in their "in love" stage and her husband would get the hard part, seeing them discussing the division of their assets.

All in all, I like the bridesmaid part best. She gets to go to all the beautiful weddings, meeting new people, and leaving the cleanup to others, and the best part is that she also gets paid for having a good time doing what she loves to do.

Connie H. Deutsch is an internationally known business consultant and personal advisor who has a keen understanding of human nature and is a natural problem-solver.

Connie is the author of the books, "Whispers of the Soul," "A Slice of Life," "Whispers of the Soul for the Rest of Your Life," "From Where I'm Sitting," "View from the Sidelines," "Reaching for the Brass Ring of Life," "Purple Days and Starry Nights," "Here and There," "And That's How it Goes," and "The Counseling Effect." Her website: See more of her articles by clicking here ConnieHDeutsch Articles

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