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Understanding the Different Wedding Photography Styles

Understanding the Different Wedding Photography Styles

Understanding the Different Wedding Photography Styles
By Richard Galloway

Apart from choosing the right wedding photographer, you'll also need to make sure that you've selected the right style for your album. You'll probably feel a bit confused in the beginning because of the numerous options, which is why you can rely on the following guide to differentiate between the possibilities.

Reportage Wedding Photography

This style happens to be quite popular because it's the most natural and casual approach. There's no excessive staging and the reportage wedding photographer tries to capture the best moments without forcing a particular theme.

In its essence, reportage wedding photography is a "hands off" approach. Regardless of the fact that it doesn't require staging and props, this style is probably the most difficult one to execute properly. The experience of the reportage wedding photographer is going to be determining factor for satisfaction in the outcome.

Avant Garde Wedding Photography

Strange camera angles and the artistic vision of the photographer are two of the factors that will contribute to spectacular avant garde pictures.

Every person has their unique understanding of what avant garde is. This is why the genre encompasses many possibilities. It is up to you and the photographer to select the particular approach that will deliver the best results.

Avant garde photography is a less popular option than reportage photography. It requires more creativity, the creation of a concept and some preliminary work. Some people find the result weird and prefer to stick to traditional photography.

A highly artistic approach, this one may fail to capture the essence of your wedding day. Think carefully before opting for avant garde photography.

Retro Photography

Retro photography has a particular warmth and charm that so many people feel attracted to.

This photography style carries the nostalgia of days gone by. It can rely on black and white pictures or other filters that will make the photographs look older. Black and white photography strips the photo to the bare essentials, which is why it could prove to be tremendously aesthetically pleasing.

The skill of the wedding photographer is once again vitally important to ensure your satisfaction. Make sure that the professional has experience in retro photography and examine the portfolio before agreeing to anything.

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is another crowd pleaser, though many people have started replacing traditional photos with reportage wedding photography.

Traditional wedding photographs are timeless and classical. They often include props and there could be a photo session taking place prior to the ceremony. The outcome is more staged than the results of reportage wedding photography but these pictures are quite beautiful to look at.

The bride and groom will be asked to pose and some people may feel uncomfortable with this aspect of traditional wedding photography. Make sure that both of you are ready for this kind of challenge.

Choosing the right style and the right wedding photography will give you beautiful memories of your most special day. Stay away from fashions and contemporary trends. Trust your instincts, if you really want to get the best possible pictures.

Richard Galloway is an award-winning professional photographer and considered one of the best reportage wedding photographers in Surrey. Creating "story-telling" photographs since 2007, he specialises in documentary (reportage) wedding photography.

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Dior Ślubne buty Wedding Shoes


Ślubne propozycje Diora Dior wedding proposals

Ach co to był za ślub...

Dior baletki dla Balerinki... Dior ballet shoes for the Ballerina ...

Jedne z najwygodniejszych butów na świecie...
One of the most comfortable shoes in the world ...

Dior szpilki i koturny Dior heels and wedges

Jak ja uwielbiam takie buciki...
How do I love these shoes ..

Dior szpilki i szpilki.. Dior heels and stilettos ..

Co za cudo...
What a miracle ...